A Bride-to-Be Purchased a Gown Online – She Got This Instead!

mori lee

A bride-to-be in Kansas purchased a gown online and it turned out to be counterfeit Mori Lee bridal gown.  The gown was so awful that the bride had to purchase a gown off the rack at a local bridal salon for her wedding.

The counterfeit gown was very poorly made with inexpensive fabric. The bride said the gown was “itchy and scratchy”.  The hem was uneven and the beadwork at the waist was very poorly done and looked cheap. The gown also did not fit properly and the shape was nothing like the real Mori Lee gown.

Don’t waste your money by purchasing a gown online when you don’t even know where in the world it comes from. Buy from a local bridal salon that sells authentic designs and brands. Why take a chance with your wedding day?

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