Buyer Beware: The Pitfalls Of Fake Wedding Dresses

counterfeit wedding gowns

We all love a bargain, and online shopping makes buying a bargain unbelievably easy! But, are you buying the dress you actually want?

Fake Britain, the BBC documentary, is well known for uncovering all sorts of fakes, but this week their focus is all about fake wedding dresses.

Photographs of stunning dresses are often stolen from genuine dress designers, and then used on websites such as Ebay. You see a picture of the dress of your dreams, with the low price tag you were hoping for, but often you run the risk of buying a cheap copy, manufactured abroad out of cheap materials using substandard construction.

Buying a dress like this can lead to a lot of further problems, from having to find a seamstress to alter the gown to fit, to the lasting effect it can have on the wedding dress industry as a whole.

To watch the programme in full, click on the link below which will take you to the BBC iPlayer website.


Source: The Wedding Guide UK

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