Knockoffs Hurt Firms, Workers and Customers

About 50,000 New Jersey brides will wed this year, spending roughly $2.1 billion on their weddings. That’s equivalent to the size of the entire economy of the Cayman Islands. Most in the wedding industry are professionals dedicated to helping brides and grooms enjoy their big day. But like any business, there’s also a smattering of…

Counterfeit Dresses

Wedding Dresses Online: Here Comes the Fakes

  Click on the picture for the full video!    Every year, more than 600,000 fake wedding dresses are bought online. Brides think they’re getting the real deal for the big day, but what they’re getting is a big fake. It happened to Aiste Ray. In an ABC investigation in 2011, she said she found …

counterfeit prom dresses

Scammers Target Prom-Goers With Fake Designer Dresses

Click on the picture to view the Today video! A new warning for high school girls and their parents: With prom coming up, there are scammers targeting teens, and ruining their big night. We’ve told you about scam artists selling fake electronics, handbags… the list goes on. Now these scammers are targeting the prom, fooling teeange…

counterfeit goods

New EU Law Clamps Down On Fake Goods

  Click on the picture to view the BBC News video!    A change in European law means that customs now have the right to seize and destroy fake goods bought from outside Europe. The BBC’s Dominic Laurie spoke with is Steve Kuncewicz, an intellectual property lawyer, to discuss the implications of this change in…

buyer beware

Buyer Beware!

Don’t get scammed by counterfeit wedding gown retailers online. Know the facts prior to making the most important fashion decision of your life. Here are a few tips to help you be aware of your purchase decisions online.     Source: Bridal Guide

wedding dress shopping

Wedding Gown Shopping Tips

HOW SALONS WORK Some salons allow walk-ins, and others are by appointment only. Some allow you to look through the dresses yourself; others bring them to you based on what you ask for. Why can’t you touch all those dresses in the back room? Because 1) It’s easy for a shopper and her coffee to…

wedding gown shopping

The Ultimate Guide to Shopping for a Wedding Dress

You’re about to enter uncharted territory: The wedding dress universe comes with its own shops, timeline, and language. We broke down the entire process by the numbers to help you navigate the white dress wonderland. Read on for our wedding dress store decoder, shopping strategies, figure-flattering tips, and money-saving ideas to make you feel welcome in this bold…